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Wednesday, 12 October 2011


96:1Proclaim! (or read!) in the name of thy Lord and Cherisher,

Iqra/ bi-ismi rabbika allathee khalaqa(surah al-alaq)

this is the first revelation came from Allah that have been send from rohulkudus to the prophet Muhammad peace be upon him.

verse above from surah al-alaq we can see that Allah have order us for read,in the other words Allah asked us for gain,search,looking for a knowledge inside this world.In my opinion Allah asking the human for read everything,every topic in the world to increase the knowledge inside the human mind.

this is the issue that I want to tell the readers(if my blog have a readers).read!it is so important because if we don't read we will not see any answer just like an example if we lost inside the city normally we used for looking a signboard,what is use of signboard?for people read and found their own destination that was a function of signboard

okay back to the topic,if we don't read it will make other people become disgusting if you try to joined them and discuss about current issue.this is so true I've feel that feeling whenever I said about the current issue and he pretend knowing everything but at the end of the discussion both of us became blur and change the topic because I don't understand what he said and he make a joke just for covered the attitude.

some people already said "human won't stop gain the knowledge,reading is important" I hold the quotation until the end my life perhaps,because what I can see nowadays if we don't read and seek for the knowledge we'll easy get cheat by other people and being puppet from the slanderer,that is the reason why even though we're living in the modern century but still have a person acted like living in the paleolithic circumstance and being fool for 24/7.

I hope all of the readers in my blog or zine we'll understand about what I'm going to say because I know my writing is full of wrong grammar and rubbish fact,but deep in my heart I want to share about my idea to all of people inside this world.because "I don't have an ideology but I've an idea"-salam rakyat

Monday, 10 October 2011


assalamualaikum and salam rakyat to all the labor,coolie,students,activist and all people who fight for human right.I have seen a worst scenario that happen in front of us right now,the top have been oppress the people for a long time and even they keep fooling around us like what they did before.this is the issue my friend,everybody could see the oppression,everyday people keep talking about the tyranny and they keep discussion about human right but until when?

what can I say about youth generation they keep looking a book to gain their knowledge,for me it is good to be like that.on the other hand if they keep looking for the knowledge soon they will become an idealistic people but is it the title of "idealistic" person can abolish all of the oppression?I think in this case we should make a discussion in deeply using a history and fact.

my question just now about the title for me it is still can't destroy the injustice situation because they're the only who are idealistic.but what about others?farmer,students,fishmonger who are living in poor condition is it they are also idealism like us?I have the strong answer for this and it is exactly not idealism like us.
our local circumstance can see how intelectual people sit at the table discuss about country but they keep doing a discussion day by day without any action,this circumstance had happen before I was born in this world.sorry if I too radical but this is my observation about this matter.

for the youth they keep holding an ideology for their identity some of them hold a anarchist,socialism,nationalism and so on but all those ideology still can't give any changes for the country and even it make the circumstance getting almost chaos.

in my idea we should train people to destroy the oppression without ideology but using an idea because this system much more easier to train and teach all people.I think I can give an example,lets say if we're trap in urgent situation,is it we still want to use the guidance to released from the trap?or we use an IDEA to released ourselves from the trap.

again I wan to say sorry if my grammar was so poor and my fact was too bad about a discussion but what can I say is  "I don't have an ideology,but I've an idea"-salam rakyat

Sunday, 9 October 2011

film kemerdekaan "jiranku"

filem yang penuh berunsur semangat nasionalis indonesia ini mengisahkan pemuda indonesia yang bernama amir,dayan,tomas,marius dan senja yang mempunyai semangat juang yang tinggi untuk mempertahankan republik indonesia dari dijajah semula oleh pihak belanda.film ini mempunyai tiga siri yang pertama merah putih,darah garuda dan hati merdeka.

comment aku : "filem ni gempak gile!! aksi dia memang gempak dan setiap kali diorang cakap mesti diorang akan akhiri percakapan diorang dengan ayat MERDEKA!!!,aku cukup respek pembikin film ni aku sampai sekarang ketagih filem macam ni di negara aku sendiri malaysia,entahla aku bukan apa aku lihat filem sekarang ni sarat dengan unsur negatif dan menarik jauh rakyat negara kita dari bersifat patriotik dan nationalisme untuk diri diorang sendiri."

-salam rakyat-